Sources of parameters

Formio is not limited to processing parameters only from HttpServletRequest. Other sources of parameters can be implemented. Data binding (bind method) works with interface RequestParams - preprocessor of form parameters. This interface can be implemented to accept parameters from various environments. Available implementations are:

Forms in portlets

For portlets, PortletRequestParams is available and you can use it in the same way as ServletRequestParams. It supports also file uploads. Of course you must have  portlet-api in the classpath of your project.

Binding and validating parameters from javax.portlet.ActionRequest:

FormData<Person> personData = personForm.bind(new PortletRequestParams(request));
if (personData.isValid()) {
  // save the person: formData.getData()
} else {
  // show again the invalid form with validation 
  // messages: personForm.fill(formData) ...